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Jacket Potato

The humble potato makes an inexpensive, versatile, filling and Syn free meal, full of vitamin C, fibre and potassium, they make a great standalone meal with a variety of toppings to choose from or as an ideal partner to grilled steaks, chicken etc and a nice side salad.

Whether you prefer plain or sweet potato, the baking instructions are much the same.

  • To oven bake, prick a large washed potato with a fork and place directly on the oven rack at 200°C for around 1 to hours or until the skin is nice and crispy and the potato is soft, use a sharp knife to check that the centre of your potato is cooked through – if baking sweet potatoes I would recommend placing them on a sheet of foil first as they tend to ooze juices.

Tip: spray the potato with a little fry light and sprinkle all over with salt to to make the skin crispy.

Some ideas for toppings –

Tuna and sweetcorn– Mix tuna (canned in brine or water, drained) and sweetcorn with fat-free natural yogurt or cottage cheese and/or extra light mayo (1 Syn per level tablespoon) and pile high!

Prawns with Marie Rose sauce– Mix a few tablespoons of fat-free natural yogurt with some ketchup (1 Syn per level tablespoon), a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add as many cooked prawns as you like and stir well.

Baked beans– top your spud with lots of baked beans … add some grated reduced fat cheddar from your hexA allowance (or Syn it) If you are feeling adventurous !

Chilli– If you have some extra chilli or Bolognese left from a previous meal it will transform your spud into a delicious and filling meal.

These are a few of our faves .. If you have any yummy ideas, let me know in a comment !

Bombay potatoes

Free on Extra Easy

2 lb Potatoes
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp ground Coriander
1 tsp Garam Masala
Half tsp ground Cumin
1 chilli finely sliced
1 tsp grated Ginger (I used a ginger paste)
1 tbsp Coriander leaf
3 Tomatoes
350ml/12 fl oz Vegetable Stock
Fry light (the garlic one is nice for this)
Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper


Peel and grate the ginger (or be lazy and use paste), roughly chop the coriander leaf and the tomatoes, peel the potatoes and dice into small cubes (I didn’t peel them and also nuked them in the microwave for a couple of mins)

Take a frying pan or wok and spray with fry light, heat the oil until hot and add the mustard seeds, if the oil is hot enough the mustard seeds will pop. Then add the turmeric, ground coriander, garam masala, ground cumin, chilli, ginger to release all the flavour from the spices (with a splosh of water to stop the spices burning)

Add the diced potato to the pan and toss to cover the potatoes in the spice mix, add the vegetable stock, cover and gently simmer so that the potatoes cook through, 10 – 15 minutes or until tender. (I added more water and cooked a bit longer until the sauce thickened and almost dissapeared)

When the potatoes are cooked through, add the chopped tomatoes (cook a little longer here to soften the tomatoes) and fresh coriander, stir and then season with the salt and pepper to your preferred taste.

Garnish with chopped corriander

Add the ginger and chilli to the spices

Add potatoes and coat in the spices

Adding the tomatoes and corriander

Skinny Sag Aloo


A delicious side dish to accompany any curry, with the benefit of super free spinach !


– 4 waxy potatoes peeled and cubed
– a bunch of fresh spinach
– onions finely sliced
– a red chilli sliced into thin rings ( seeds in or out your choice)
– a thumb of ginger
– 2 cloves garlic
– mustard seeds, black onion seeds, cumin, turmeric


Steam the potatoes, when they are almost cooked add the spinach and wilt.
Meanwhile, slowly cook your onions, once soft but not brown add the garlic, ginger and chilli.
Add the potatoes and spinach along with the spices and allow them to cook together for a few minutes for the flavours to merge.

Free on extra easy