Fat Boy Slims !

Hi and welcome to my website/blog. Through this site I hope to share my love of cooking and food in general …. and losing weight!

I often get asked for my recipes and I know it is sometimes difficult the get the inspiration and your recipe repertoire can get quite ‘samey’, so I decided to share some of my favourite recipes through the wonderful world of the interweb, I hope you gain inspiration from this site and enjoy the food, and the cooking as much as I do.

All of the recipes etc that you find on this site are Slimming World friendly and have been taken from various sources such as Slimming World books, Internet, word of mouth, tips from meetings or just adapting everyday recipes, most of them have been tried and tested by myself and tweaked to how I like my food. Unless otherwise stated all of the photos are my own…. enjoy !.

John x

3 thoughts on “Fat Boy Slims !”

  1. Hi there all looks good👍
    Just want to know why there’s no pictures of you,are you a bit large after eating all these wonderful recipes, I can understand the temptation to try them all they look scrumptious,do you deliver?
    Ps check wot you rite be four you send

    Tony 😘

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