Jacket Potato

The humble potato makes an inexpensive, versatile, filling and Syn free meal, full of vitamin C, fibre and potassium, they make a great standalone meal with a variety of toppings to choose from or as an ideal partner to grilled steaks, chicken etc and a nice side salad.

Whether you prefer plain or sweet potato, the baking instructions are much the same.

  • To oven bake, prick a large washed potato with a fork and place directly on the oven rack at 200°C for around 1 to hours or until the skin is nice and crispy and the potato is soft, use a sharp knife to check that the centre of your potato is cooked through – if baking sweet potatoes I would recommend placing them on a sheet of foil first as they tend to ooze juices.

Tip: spray the potato with a little fry light and sprinkle all over with salt to to make the skin crispy.

Some ideas for toppings –

Tuna and sweetcorn– Mix tuna (canned in brine or water, drained) and sweetcorn with fat-free natural yogurt or cottage cheese and/or extra light mayo (1 Syn per level tablespoon) and pile high!

Prawns with Marie Rose sauce– Mix a few tablespoons of fat-free natural yogurt with some ketchup (1 Syn per level tablespoon), a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add as many cooked prawns as you like and stir well.

Baked beans– top your spud with lots of baked beans … add some grated reduced fat cheddar from your hexA allowance (or Syn it) If you are feeling adventurous !

Chilli– If you have some extra chilli or Bolognese left from a previous meal it will transform your spud into a delicious and filling meal.

These are a few of our faves .. If you have any yummy ideas, let me know in a comment !

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